Highly creative and multi-talented Creative/Graphic Designer with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in print, online and multimedia design. Extensive understanding of performing in deadline-driven environments with an emphasis on quality work within budget constraints.

Possesses a strong foundation of video content capture and creation, bringing a self-taught online experience designing and building websites and webapps, including experience using wireframing concepts and building online experiences in Webflow.

Background in areas of Motosports, Coins & Stamps and Crafts producing national magazines, branding materials and point-of-purchase for events and shows.

Extremely passionate about digital illustration with proficiency in many mediums. Winner of multiple Photoshop Guru Awards over the years and enjoys developing illustrations for projects whenever possible.


2015 - 2024 | Summit Holdings
Sr. / Master Graphic Designer

Worked within the In-house marketing department as a Senior/Master Graphic Designer.• Designed and produced sophisticated branded materials for promotional incentives.

  • Transformed numerous design concepts from initial concept creation to final, polished products.
  • Developed intricate video content for social marketing and employee training, as well as incentive videos for the sales department.
  • Produced many local Addy awards.

2004 - 2014 | Amos Press
Creative Director

Directed the design of monthly and bi-monthly magazines, evaluating concepts from 4 designers for aesthetics, functionality and objectives. Worked 100% remote while directing a team of 4 designers.

  • Led a successful transition to Adobe Creative Suite, enhancing design productivity.
  • Introduced advanced scanning and color correction techniques in the Imaging
  • Collaborated with photographers to develop magazine covers from provided concepts.
  • Launched innovative design concepts, redesigning titles and boosting overall subscription numbers.
  • Managed relationships with external print vendors ensuring timely delivery.
  • Created Coin World  Magazine and Crafts ‘N Things Magazine IOS App for tablet devices.

2004 - 2014 | Creative Publishing solutions
Creative Director

Designed, built, and maintained two websites, and, while also producing all branded marketing materials and point-of-purchase items for shows and events.

1996 - 2014 | Dobbs Publishing/Emap
Art Director

Responsible for the design and production of monthly magazines along with any needed promotional or point-of-purchase items.

  • Collaborated with photographers to create compelling cover images.
  • Photographed feature cars and step-by-step guides for articles.
  • Designed and produced JP Magazine, Moper Magazine and Chevy Truck Magazine and all associated branded items.

1992 - 1996 | USAviator Magazine
Graphic Designer

Responsible for the design and production of monthly magazine along with any needed promotional or point-of-purchase items.

  • Designed Monthly Magazine.
  • Processed all color photography for color correction.
  • Provided all seperations to printer.
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Microsoft Office 360
  • Procreate
  • Sketchbook
  • Corel Painter
  • Mac Studio M2 Max
  • 64gb Ram
  • 512gb Internal HD
  • 4 tb External HD
  • 32" Viewsonic Monitor
  • Epson 17" Proofing printer
  • DJI Osmo 2 Gimbal
  • Go Pro Hero Camera
  • Contour HD Camera
Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design
1993 Tampa Technical Institute, Tampa, Florida
NAPp World Conferences
Mac Design Conferences
HOW  Design Conference
Addy Seminars
  • Guitars
  • Music
  • Fine Art
  • Muscle Cars
  • Visual Design

Shapes & Colors

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Graphic Design

We have extensive experience in producing captivating and engaging printed materials such as magazines, flyers, brochures, logos, and advertisements.

We have a great passion for print and know that quality materials can catch the eye, make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

If you're looking for top-quality printed materials that will help you stand out from the crowd, we are here to help.
Stuff we do...
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Illustrations
  • Advertisements
  • Magazine Design
  • Brochures
  • Branding
  • Flyers
  • Logo Designs

online design

Need copy for web design here Producing captivating, engaging printed materials is where we cut our teeth producing magazines, flyers, brochures, logos and advertisements... WE LOVE PRINT and know that quality looking items DO catch the eye, make an impact and leave an impression - just ask Apple.
What we do...
  • Concepts
  • Wireframing
  • E-commerce
  • Front End Design
  • UX\UI Dev.
  • CMS

illustration & Art De•cor

Illustration is at the heart of potterDesigns. Mark has enjoyed drawing both traditionally and digitally for more years than he will admit to. He has developed a unique style of blending fine detail with rough execution creating beautiful family portraits that are cherished for generations. He has also done some amazing digital illustrations, posters and cool wall decor.
What we do...
  • Commissions
  • Portraits
  • Art Posters
  • Illustrations
  • Pet Portraits
  • Wall Decor


We love design and craft premium coolness for our clients. Below are some samples of our projects.


  • 2022 Photoshop Guru Award
    Illustration - Nevermore
  • 2018 Silver Addy
    Africa Trip Brochure - Polk AdFed
  • 2018 Silver Addy
    Asia Trip Brochure - Polk AdFed
  • 2017 Silver Addy
    Corvette Give-a-way - Polk AdFed
  • 2010 Photoshop Guru Award
    Illustration - Chuck’s Mustang
  • 2005 Crabby Award
    Print - Corvette Racing Poster
  • 2005 Mac Design Conference
    Illustration - Mr. Fins
  • 2004 Photoshop Guru - BEST OF SHOW Award
    Death Do Us Part
  • 2004 Photoshop Guru Award
    Photo Montage - Rick's Shadow
  • 2003 Photoshop Guru Award
    Photo Montage - Stingray Retouch
  • 2002 Photoshop Guru Award
    Print - Corvette Lifestyles Cover
  • 2002 Gold Addy
    POTTERdESIGNS Website - Polk AdFed
  • 2002 Gold Addy
    Lakeland Outdoor Website - Polk AdFed
  • 2002 Gold Addy
    Gengler's Yamaha Billboard - Polk AdFed
  • 2001 Photoshop Guru Award
    Artistic - Ashley
  • 2002 Silver Addy
    Roger G. Waters Billboard - Polk AdFed
  • 1996 1st Place Addy - People's Choice Award
    Floridian Restaurant Menu - Polk AdFed
  • 1996 Silver Addy
    Floridian Restaurant Menu - Polk AdFed
The graphics for my Suzuki King Quad turned out better than I could have imagined. Mark Potter came up with the “Fishmo” concept. It’s been a huge hit at the events we attend, getting lots of attention from fans of the show! Suzuki Corporate loved it! Thanks again Mark for your great eye and attention to detail! A job well done!
Brian Fisher - Fisher's ATV World
Each piece that you have done for us has shown so much insight and depth, while putting your totally unexpected twist on everything you do. This last piece is very special in that you captured the highlights of what is so very special to us. Our guests have commented on what a spectacular piece of art this is.
Kathy Oertel - The Intercoastal
I went through family photos and asked Mark to incorporate those special memories with his senior photo. The portrait turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Mark is a true professional and incredibly talented.  Thank you for the beautiful reminder of a beautiful person.
Krista M.

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Mark Potter  |  863-838-7584

Mark is an artist and designer who has won many awards for his worth over the years including recognition from professional organizations such as Polk County Advertising Federation (ADFed), Mac Design Conference, and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Keily Potter

Keily is the analytical, numbers oriented wife who supports her award winning artist and designer. She admittedly handles most everything else associated with potterDesigns EXCEPT anything requiring artistic talent. Keily has over 18 years marketing experience in the Tampa/Orlando shopping mall industry, adding her unique marketing perspective to potterDesigns.

Studio Equipment
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Apple iPad Pro & Apple penci
  • Wacom Intous Tablet
  • View Sonic 32" IPS Monitor
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Account
  • HP Z3100 12 Ink 24" Archival Printer

Harvey Ball

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